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My passion is helping professionals and entrepreneurs who are experiencing chronic stress to create a fulfilling personal and professional life that is aligned with their values, tap into more opportunities and feel more engaged, motivated and energized. I believe that you deserve a better and healthier path to successful life and career, which I teach through one-on-one coaching.


My Story

I am Sonja Zecevic, a Work-Life Balance Coach based in Chicago. I’ve been helping clients create richer lives for almost a decade. During my thriving career in financial services, I used to think that prioritizing my career, making personal sacrifices and being over-busy means being successful. I used to wear it like a badge of honor until pandemic started and changed everything. My own experience inspired me to create simple, useful tools to help others transform their lives and transition from stress and overwhelm to purpose and freedom. To learn how to work smart, not hard. I am here for you to provide support and accountability at every step of your journey. I look forward to hearing your story!


Coaching Services

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Work-Life Balance Program

Transform your life in 8 weeks

You deserve to have a life where you wake up happy to go to work every day. Do more fulfilling work and focus on projects you are passionate about. Be more present in your personal and professional relationships. Do things that inspire you and bring you joy. What if you can have it all?


Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

Sonja is amazing! She always knows the right questions to guide me through my own struggles and find clarity for myself. She creates such a loving and caring space that allows me to feel safe to share my vulnerability openly. Even when I come into the session feeling lost or without a direction, I always gain greater clarity and insight for myself and feel uplifted and empowered. Like I got to reconnect and learn more about my inner self again.

Thao D.

Sonja is very talented, supportive and caring life coach. She helped me come up with impactful ideas, avoid burnout at work and advance my career. The real value comes from her suggestions. Sonja's effective coaching moved me forward with my goals.

Diana O.

Sonja is such a bright light and inspiration. Her warmth invites anyone to be able to open up and feel a sense of excitement around their personal growth. With Sonja’s encouragement and support I feel one step closer to evolving into my best self.

Grace P.

Sonja is the astounding life coach that helped me with career and personal challenges. I am grateful for helping me identify and understand the missing factors of my life journey. I would encourage you to contact Sonja. You will be surprised by how much she can help you.

John K.

Amazing, enlightening, inspiring and deep coaching experience! I learned so much about what is holding me back and how to help overcome my limiting beliefs.

Chase H.

Coaching with Sonja felt natural, at ease, empowering and supportive. I really enjoyed the questions that made me step out of my comfort zone and give space to my fears. I learned that with the right guidance and support I can share openly and vulnerably.

Nehama S.


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